There are the general conditions of sale of the company MAREL SARL. The General Conditions of sales are translated to improve understanding for consumers. The legally valid translation is written in French.

Terms of sale:


VWR from the buyer, the knowledge and full acceptance of our terms and conditions unless approved in writing. These conditions are on that same page. By express agreement, these terms of sale apply notwithstanding any contrary provisions that may appear on purchase orders or other documents from our customers - buyers.
The prices listed in our catalogs and price lists are for illustrative purposes only and we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice due to changes in economic conditions, particularly in the event of rising commodity prices. Invoices are issued according to the rate prevailing on the date of delivery. Prices include packaging and land tax are established. They always refer to goods available to the customer either works for important series, is starting our stores Privas (07-France) for orders stock. Deliveries are made by us and taken forward by invoice port. For details on the calculation of transport costs, refer to page "freight Charges"
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Secure payment by credit card, you can pay by credit card directly online via E-transaction, e-commerce online payment by Credit Card Credit Agricole solution.
Secure payment by bank transfer, we will wait to see appear on your transfer our accounts to send you the goods. Our site is completely secure.
Sécurié payment by PayPal, we offer secure via PAYPAL payment. PayPal is an e-wallet known worldwide.
When placing orders, we usually provide clues to possible. However, we can not be held responsible for any excess and no compensation can be claimed from us this title. The backorders are normally maintained unless otherwise noted.
Contact us using the contact form before returning stating your details and the product (s) (s) you wish to return. No return can be accepted without our prior consent. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer unless our error.
The customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days for standard catalog products, this withdrawal period does not apply to goods made to requested by the customer or clearly personalized specifications (eg mirror on Measures) . The cost of returning the goods to the buyer to the seller shall be borne by the seller within the price of conventional basic transportation.
To achieve our contact form.
The supplier guarantees that its products comply with specified in the order and accepted by the specifications. It is the customer to specify the intended use of the goods.
Quantity: All claims about the amounts must be made by telephone and confirmed by registered letter within 48 business hours of receipt of goods mail. Claims not made ​​in the manner and time above will not be considered.
Quality: Our liability is limited to outright replacement of goods found to be defective by us respond to claims that have to be made ​​by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 2 working days of receipt of the goods mail. Our warranty does not cover the consequences of abnormal use, lack of maintenance or normal wear. The goods are not intended to be put in contact with food products. In general, regardless of the use made of the goods supplied, it is up to the customer to check their compatibility with the products it intends to contact them.
If they are removed in MAREL SARL, they are at the risk of the purchaser from the date specified for their availability in stores of the seller. The same provision applies if removal is delayed by the purchaser. If MAREL Ltd was responsible for the ship and even if Franco sale, transfer of risk occurs at the loading facilities of the vendor or the manufacturer's works on the means of transport chosen by MAREL Ltd on behalf of the purchaser.
Reserves and recourse against the carrier whether quantity or damage shall be borne by the acquirer must immediately contact the vendor for information, copies of all documents issued in this respect by the purchaser. The purchaser shall immediately proceed to reservations and detailed comments on the shipping documents from the carrier. It will confirm within the legal time by registered mail return receipt or delivered against signature within three business days of receipt in France and seven working days to other countries letter.
In accordance with the Act of 12 May 1980 and that of January 25, 1985 (No. 85-98), our goods are sold subject to retention of title. Therefore, MAREL SARL retains full ownership of the goods delivered until full payment thereof. However, the buyer becomes responsible for the goods immediately on removal and bear this fact, from that moment, and risk of damage they might suffer or cause. The delivered goods can not be sold before they are fully paid workforce, sending a BO or LCR accepted being considered as a cash payment. If, as an exception to what is said above, MAREL SARL authorized in writing its buyer to resell the goods supplied or process them, resale or conversion, would give MAREL Ltd. the right to claim the prize or of unpaid merchandise, our customer engaging in this case to inform the buyer of this retention of property and our right to claim.
The conditions of sale apply to mainland France.
In accordance with Articles L. 441-6 and L.441-3 of the Commercial Code, penalties for late payment is due to the absence of a settlement day following the payment date shown on the invoice. The rate of such penalties is 25% annually. Liquidated damages for recovery costs is 40 euros.